How I grew up being a drama fanatic.

So what’s up guys. Guess I’m posting my first entry as soon as I’ve created this blog just hours ago. Hehe. Well, maybe I am just that ecstatic about this whole new blogging thing or maybe I am just bored right now. But, anyways, my first post that I’m going to share to all of you is about how I became such a crazy drama fanatic.

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So I think it was the start of the new millennium when Philippine television started to air dramas from Korea and Taiwan. And since I am a 1997 baby, that makes me an elementary kid already when “Endless Love” and “Meteor Garden” became such a hit paving way for more hit asian dramas airing in my country. My family always watches the local channels  instead of the cable channels so we really get to watch these dramas which airs in the evening.

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And here comes my two eldest sisters who for the fact might be one of the reasons why I ended up getting hooked over korean dramas mainly. They became so addicted that they ended up buying posters of the popular taiwanese F4 before since there were still no smart phones where you can store pictures yet and the internet was still quite expensive and hard to reach before. They bought DvDs, OSTs and even bought a “How to Speak Korean?” book to make it even more crazier. Hahahaha. Yeah. All of that happened before when we were still so young. So yeah. Pretty much it was because of them why I ended up in this state of fondness. And they left me here as the recipient of their influences while them, they’ve moved on from this madness and went on with their adult lives.

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I think the first ever drama I really had OCD feels with was “Goong” also known as “Princess Hours” in the Philippines. I was 9 years old when I saw that drama even if it was aired so late at night. Because I got really hooked into it, I was in a state of severe sepanx for i think a month after that drama ended. I treated it like the story was real. I started googling everything about that drama down to the personal lives of the cast. Everytime I listened to the OSTs, I get really emotional, reminiscing the memorable scenes. Haha. It was really crazy. I was really so addicted to that drama 10 years ago and it remains as one of the best korean dramas I’ve ever seen.

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After that more dramas came into my life and yes, DRAMA IS LIFE already. Haha. Especially that k-pop and k-drama is really, really popular now, being the talk of the town, not just in my country but around the globe. Of course that includes me. Even if I’m so busy right now in my pre-med course, I still find the luxury to be updated about the latest happenings in the drama world. And I think even if I become a grandma already, I will still be so addicted, screaming and jamming like how a teenager does it. Hahaha. I know a lot can really relate from my experience and I hope will be drama crazies together ’til the rest of our lives.

So that’s it for my first entryyyy. I think its not so bad, is it? Hihi. Well, I think this can still be considered since it’s still my first post and I made this right directly after I created this drama blog. Haha, excuses. So I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll look forward for my next posts. Leave a comment if you can. And I will really try to keep updating if i’m not so busy. Hihi. Bye. xxx.

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